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My Approach

I believe that relationships are of the utmost importance in therapy. I believe in being genuine. I may tell stories that pertain to the situation or swear. I believe in making the room comfortable for the client to be their true self. I use humor in sessions to connect and work through life's difficulties. We will build a good working relationship while outlining goals for treatment and getting to know each other. There will be an assessment phase, a treatment phase, and a maintenance phase for therapy. Sessions typically start out meeting weekly then decreasing in frequency as you progress through the phases of treatment.


I believe in taking a collaborative approach to therapy, working with you to identify your goals and develop a personalized treatment plan. I am trained in evidence-based approaches, to include, but not limited to cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, and motivational interviewing to provide you with the best possible care. I offer both in-office and telehealth options to fit your lifestyle and comfort level.

Call to schedule an appointment or for your free 15 minute consultation to see if we will be the right fit for the most therapeutic gain.

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