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Mental Health Therapy

People seek individual therapy for a variety of reasons, including:  

  • something in life has become intolerable or unmanageable  

  • feeling hopeless, worthless, overwhelmed, or misunderstood 

  • worry about the future or obsession about the past

  • feeling stuck, exhausted, never good enough, or lost 

  • being unsure of how to move forward or what decision to make next

  • symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress

  • Grief, loss, and past or present trauma

In individual sessions I can help you explore and process previous experiences that are negatively impacting you currently, help you develop new ways of interacting with those around you, develop new skills for coping with and responding to difficult emotions, and help you find ways to form a better relationship with yourself. I can help you build trust and confidence within yourself to help you make life's important decisions.

I work with adults of all ages and life stages.  I have experience working with a diverse groups of individuals including men, women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and individuals with varying religious and political beliefs. 

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