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Drug and Alcohol Treatment

People seek individual treatment for a variety of reasons, including:  

  • legal troubles or probation requirements

  • strained relationships

  • child protection requirements

  • court ordered treatment

  • difficult work/ school schedule

  • anxiety or lack of desire to be in a group setting


Individual treatment for Drug and Alcohol use disorders can be faster than traditional group settings as it can be tailored to the individual need and situation. Being dually licensed in mental health and substance use disorders I can help you get to the root of your use and help you learn healthier ways to deal with the world around you. I can help you find yourself again and learn to love yourself again or for the very first time. You can learn how to disrupt harmful patterns in your life and create peace within  yourself.

Letters of completion can be sent to probation or child protection as needed for no additional fees. I will not be a court witness or submit a letter to the court for child custody cases.

I work with adolescents and adults of all ages.  I have experience working with a diverse spectrum of individuals including men, women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and individuals with varying religious and political beliefs. 

At My Site, we offer cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and motivational interviewing approaches for mental health therapy. We provide in-office and telehealth options to best fit our clients' needs. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care to help our clients achieve their mental health goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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