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Couples Therapy

Couples seek therapy for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • feeling unhappy, unheard, hopeless, helpless, or unappreciated

  • increased conflict and feeling as if fights are never resolved 

  • struggling to communicate and difficulties in managing differences

  • decreased physical, emotional, or sexual intimacy

  • previous betrayal or infidelity or difficulties moving forward from the past

  • worry about a lack of love or respect within the relationship

  • feelings of resentment or disconnection

  • parenting concerns, health or life changes, financial disagreements, or other family and life stressors.


 In therapy you can learn each person's individual love language and develop new skills for resolving conflict, and managing long-term problems or differences. It is important to learn ways to care for yourself and one another. We can work together to decide how to move forward in the relationship or how to move forward independently if that is the right decision. Time management can be a huge stressor in relationships. I can also help you learn how to balance family time, couple time, and time for yourself.

I work with couples of all ages from a variety of diverse backgrounds.  This includes diverse sexual orientations and genders, a variety of relationship styles or structures, and a wide range of religious and political beliefs.  

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